International Archives Day

When talking about archives, several questions are asked by the public:

What does archive mean?

What is the role of an archivist?

What is the retention period of my archives?

How to manage electronic archives?

What to keep on paper?

Therefore, all around the world, professionals unite on the 9th of June to help you understand why it is important to manage and value your archives. This is an excellent opportunity to discover and understand or to get a more precise view/approach to our profession, and to get a closer look at a fascinating domain!

Labgroup as an active actor of the archival sector in Luxembourg celebrates this event.

Indeed archives have a central place within Labgroup in our day-to-day activities especially around management and long-term preservation of archives, whether physical media or electronic. Our activities also focus on organizing and the designing of archiving policies and procedures to assist you in defining your retention policy. This allows you to research, processes and optimize the availability of your archives in accordance with good practices, professional standards and regulations.

Greetings from the Labgroup team and Happy Archives Day!