Executives Say Less Than 10 Percent of Business Processes will Rely on Paper by 2018, Xerox study

Xerox study shows the digital enterprise is on the horizon but there’s more talk than action. (survey of 600 IT decision-makers in large North American and Western European organisations.)

The “Digitisation at Work” report from Xerox shows the move from paper to digital processes is nearly upon us but many survey respondents admit they may not be ready for it.

The report found broad concern over paper-based processes, with cost (42 percent) and security (42 percent) cited as primary issues. Survey respondents predicted an average of only nine percent of key business operation processes will run on paper in the next two years.

For further information about the study, we invite you to download the press release.

Labgroup presents “ILM-as-a-service”

Capturing, archiving, processing and sharing electronic information in complete security over the web, that is Labgroup’s latest offer.

Inspired and designed in response to the challenges posed by the new law on electronic archiving and the PSDC certification (Digitisation and/or Archiving Service Providers), the “ILM-as-a-Service(TM)” (ILM – Information Lifecycle Management) offer is acomplete information lifecycle management solution, covering all stages from creation to final destruction.

The “ILM-as-a-Service” integrates with efficiency and transparency:

  • electronic data management (Content Management) via the collaborative Microsoft SharePoint(TM) platform, the market standard in the field;
  • electronic archiving (Records Management) via Cimail’s Easyfolder(TM), the electronic safe for Microsoft SharePoint(TM), a proven solution which already preserves the documents’ probative value of over 750,000 users worldwide.

The true value of ILM-as-a-Service is the combination of three key elements which deliver an optimum solution to our clients. ILM-as-a-Service regroups: the successful integration of two leading software packages, its compliance with operational or regulatory requirements, as well as the training and consulting services.” stated Bernard Moreau, Labgroup’s CEO. “In view of the difficult economic climate, companies are seeking to optimise their resources. Labgroup, with 35 years’ experience, is adapting accordingly by offering them a SaaS solution (Software as a Service), i.e. on demand, without investment, with no entry fees or licences.

For Eric Dorne, Chairman of CIMAIL, Labgroup’s “ILM-as-a-Service” offer responds perfectly to market expectations. “More than a product, it’s a successful linkage of our expertise in the long-term data integrity preservation and Labgroup’s know-how in the field of archive management.

As a result of the successful partnership between the two companies, this solution offers unique characteristics:

  • it is available for businesses with one single user or more
  • it captures information at the source (Microsoft Office, Outlook, scanner, publishing chain, work applications, etc.)
  • it provides a three-level archiving service: operational, safe and probative (legal)
  • pricing is based on usage and is easily determined by the number of users and volume of data
  • implementation is easy and fast

Moreover, the “ILM-as-a-Service” solution includes advisory and training services to formulate the client’s archiving policy (filing rules, indexing, retention, dissemination and recovery of information) which ensures that the archiving costs are aligned with the value of the information. The information and data is stored in Luxembourg, in the Labgroup datacentres in Contern and Bettembourg; however, it can also be stored at the client who can choose to have an on-site or hybrid installation.

Bernard Moreau to conclude: “Labgroup has become a reference in the marketplace to independently advise businesses on their electronic preservation and probative value archiving needs. Labgroup is a provider able to cover all stages of the lifecycle of information -paper documents storage included- in an innovative way, securely and in full compliance with the legislation in Luxembourg.”

About Labgroup

Labgroup is a Luxembourg based company that provides information management and archiving solutions to finance and insurance companies, government organization, as well as businesses from many other sectors. Since 1977 Labgroup has consistently accompanied their customers with the transition from paper document to electronic data management with new products, solutions and services. Products include physical document scanning and storage; content management and records management; IT backup and recovery; legal archiving; backup-media storage; compliant destruction; consulting services and training. Labgroup has offices in Luxembourg, Ireland and Gibraltar. As a Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF), Labgroup is regulated by the “Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier” (CSSF) and is certified ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and PSDC (pending). For more information on Labgroup, please call +352 350 222 1 or visit www.labgroup.com.Documents:

Download Press Release (English)

Launch of ILM-as-a-service at the Information Management Day 2013 on 28th November 2013: http://www.labgroup.com/labgroup-launches-new-information-lifecycle-management-solution/

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