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The worldwide cloud computing market is expected to reach the milestone figure of $19.5 billion by 2016. That is approximately 36% compound annual growth rate.
– Forbes

Given this rapid growth in cloud computing, it becomes essential to learn what are the main factors that are driving the popularity of cloud based applications and cloud based software companies. Cloud based applications bring several benefits over to a business.

Here are the 7 top benefits:

1. Improved Security

The beginning of cloud computing trend saw data security as one of its major loopholes. Consequent of which, both large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses were skeptical of using cloud based applications and chose to rather stick with server-based programs. However, as cloud computing evolved, the loophole of data security got accurately filled up.

Today by all means, cloud based applications are equally secure because of the huge amounts of money that cloud providers invest into securing their site-specific infrastructure. This averts any kind of loss, illegal procurement or other damage to data stored in the cloud. So unlike locally-hosted software that is always vulnerable to virus, data loss, identity theft, intellectual property theft and so on, cloud based applications face none of these. …

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