World Backup Day – Protect your business with Labgroup!

Missed #WorldBackupDay on March, 31st? Don’t worry! Labgroup provides you every day all year with data protection services your company may need!

Why is everyone concerned about “backup” and “data protection”?

Because data are a valuable asset that must be protected to ensure the long-lasting success of the company. As a matter of fact, should an incident or a disaster occur, the loss of information may result in declining reputation, service interruption, a decrease in earnings or even failure. It is, therefore, crucial to safeguard the business continuity, developing and maintaining the ability to recover from an IT disaster.

This is the intent of the World Backup Day: remind us how essential it is to protect our data, keeping at least one copy of our computer files backed up in a device other than your internal storage to avoid a possible files loss.

Being a specialist for preservation of information, Labgroup provides, of course, data protection solutions to help your company to:

–      Back up your data regularly, automatically, remotely and safely.

–      Restore yourself individual files, databases and emails!

–      Recover the system files, the applications and the data in disaster recovery scenario.

–      Continue business operations using the Internet to access your servers that have been recovered in the Labgroup private cloud.

More information about our services: