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Labgroup is proud to announce you that the new website LuxDoc is online!


More than just a simple “makeover”, the website , has been completely redesigned. More modern, more intuitive, more interactive, this new site will answer all your questions and will allow you to get a more in-depth insight into our Electronic Document Management software LuxDoc.

LuxDoc is an integrated and complete software solution for EDM – Electronic Document Management – that allows companies of all sizes – from SME’s to multinationals – regardless of their field of activity or speciality, to join the “digital movement”.

Electronic Document Management (EDM) consists in storing and managing documents of an organisation to facilitate and optimise the information workflow management within the company. This Electronic Document Management (EDM) Software solution combines hybrid workflows (paper and digital). This GDPR compliant (= all data is encrypted) software is built to fit every company’s needs – from the number of users to the volume of data storage a company requires.

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Looking for a a document management solution? Discover LuxDoc, the simplest document management solution!

Looking for a document management solution? Discover LuxDoc, the simplest document management solution!


June 9th – International Archives Day

Issues finding your documents? Keep calm – the 9th June is International Archives Day! 

International Archives Day aims to raise awareness amongst organisations regarding the importance of archiving media, classifying different types of documents, and managing retention periods.

This day is also an opportunity to thank all the people who are committed to easing our research and information exchanges like Mister Archive and Miss Digital.

What does “archives” mean?

Archives/records include information of different types, age or support that are produced by organisations as part of their activity. Archives must be maintained by organisations but also by people as evidence and trace in case of control or dispute. They may also contribute to the future decisions of an entity through data analytics. Therefore, proper preservation of records is required.

Labgroup can help organisations with the implementation of an archiving policy that will lead to creating retention rules; to better manage information lifecycle but also to protecting personal data.

You don’t know how to implement an archiving policy?

Don’t worry, Labgroup assists organisations in the development of an adapted archiving policy by providing advisory services. As being members of the Labgroup team, Mister Archive and Miss Digital are willing to help your organisation thanks to their magical expertise and deep experience in the field of document and data management.

With the help of Mister Archive, your organisation will achieve to create and implement an archiving policy, while new content and records management tools will optimise and centralise information management, thanks to Miss Digital.


Labgroup offers, according to the needs of its customers, archival consulting services that result in various missions regarding:

  • Training  -> implement user awareness and change management
  • Organisation and governance -> organise the searching and display of procedures
  • Document workflow management -> manage the access and authenticity -> optimise the information’s circulation
  • Hybrid records management, paper and electronic -> secure archiving, management and destruction processes
  • Indexation and archival description  -> describe archives and funds according to archival   standards
  • Valorisation and preservation -> assure long-term preservation both paper and electronic -> ensure the transparency and confidentiality

Labgroup has the power to simplify and strengthen information governance thanks to the Arcateg™ Records Categorisation Method that accelerates information management rules development and their implementation.

Organisations can take advantage of the Arcateg™ methodology according to several specific objectives such as quality and completeness of the retention rules, mapping of personal data, and/or compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in force from May 25th, 2018).


Need help with your documents/data management? Contact us now and benefit from a special consultancy offer to celebrate this special day

1 day/consultant to implement an existing assessment report!

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World Backup Day – Protect your business with Labgroup!

Missed #WorldBackupDay on March, 31st? Don’t worry! Labgroup provides you every day all year with data protection services your company may need!

Why is everyone concerned about “backup” and “data protection”?

Because data are a valuable asset that must be protected to ensure the long-lasting success of the company. As a matter of fact, should an incident or a disaster occur, the loss of information may result in declining reputation, service interruption, a decrease in earnings or even failure. It is, therefore, crucial to safeguard the business continuity, developing and maintaining the ability to recover from an IT disaster.

This is the intent of the World Backup Day: remind us how essential it is to protect our data, keeping at least one copy of our computer files backed up in a device other than your internal storage to avoid a possible files loss.

Being a specialist for preservation of information, Labgroup provides, of course, data protection solutions to help your company to:

–      Back up your data regularly, automatically, remotely and safely.

–      Restore yourself individual files, databases and emails!

–      Recover the system files, the applications and the data in disaster recovery scenario.

–      Continue business operations using the Internet to access your servers that have been recovered in the Labgroup private cloud.

More information about our services:

9 June – International Archives Day

This international day aims to raise awareness amongst organisations regarding the importance of archiving media, different types of documents and retention periods.


With good management, archives explain and justify the past. They may also contribute to the future actions of an organisation and help ensure its proper function: With triple administrative, legal and testimonial functions the archives allow:

  • Optimised document flow
  • Improved traceability of information
  • Increased performance, efficiency and help reduce costs
  • Conformity with legislation

By correct classification of archives, organisations have clear and efficient access information. As testimony to the past, archiving is also a means of guaranteeing access to information in cases of dispute.

Like Mister Archive, Labgroup ensures the proper management of an organisations information throughout its lifecycle.

An efficient Records Management or Archiving solution ensures that an archive is:

  • authentic – ensures the integrity of the information (no modification of the content)
  • traced  full history of the information throughout its lifecycle
  • perennial – ensures the readability of information over time

Labgroup–your partner for analogue and digital archiving management


Since 1977, Labgroup has provided information management and archiving services to organisations.

1st February 2017, Lab Luxembourg SA (Labgroup) became the first certified PSDC (Provider of Digitisation and/or Conservation Services), both for digitisation and conservation services. The legislator in Luxembourg anticipated a transformation of physical to digital with the implementation of the Law of the 25th July 2015 on electronic archiving. This law recognises the presumption of conformity given to electronic copies of paper documents, produced and stored by a certified “PSDC”.

This presumption of conformity is under the condition that the copy complies with a set of methodological and technical requirements guaranteeing its fidelity to the original paper document, as well as its non-alteration over time.

Therefore, with a guarantee from the Luxembourg State, the holders of information from all European countries can now entrust Labgroup with both digitisation operations and the storage of documents with legal value.

 Labgroup’s range of services includes digitising of paper documents, storing and destroying physical archives, capturing and conserving electronic archives, protecting and restoring data and preserving IT media.
Bad dreams about document and data management? 
Our experts will be glad to help you. Contact Damon Hough, Sales and Account Management Manager at Labgroup for all services concerning information lifecycle management

LuxDoc – Electronic Document Management Made Easy

Electronic Document Management Made Easy
Visit or call Lab – 200 03 200

Looking for a a document management solution? Discover LuxDoc, the simplest document management solution!

Looking for a document management solution? Discover LuxDoc, the simplest document management solution!

Electronic document management has never been easier! The LuxDoc solution allows you to scan documents on your multifunctional device and securely host the electronic version with Labgroup. The LuxDoc software ensures easy and efficient electronic document management.